About Us

OurResidents-photo-2Beacon Square Residents are people; each with his or her own rich history and a unique personality. Respecting the “individual” in each and every one of our Residents, means building a team of people who are not only experts, but passionate about helping to balance a complexity of different needs for each resident.

Safety of Residents is a Top Priority

First and foremost is providing a safe environment. The plans for Beacon Square were constructed with input from physicians and experts in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Residents are secure in knowing they are being cared for in an environment that is looking after them. You are secure in knowing that your loved one is safe 24/7.

Beacon Provides Advanced, Leading Edge Care & Treatment

But safety is only the first step for our Residents. Residents at Beacon Square are the fortunate recipients of the very latest in technology, medicine and therapies to ensure that they are able to function at their own personal best. Research on Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia is producing exciting breakthroughs and new treatment methods. Beacon Square Residents and their families will be given opportunities to benefit from these breakthroughs. All of this, provided in an atmosphere full of open space, light and fresh air, that is inviting and stimulating to their senses.

At Beacon Square our goal is to celebrate the unique spark in all of our Residents. We invite you to contact us and experience the difference yourself.